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Curse is Logan Terkelsen & Jane Vincent. All songs written by Curse © 2012. Cover artwork by Zoe Burke. Lettering and package design by Logan Terkelsen.


released September 20, 2012

Drums & vocals were recorded in Baltimore, MD by Craig Bowen & Jared Paolini at Tempo House Studios. All other parts recorded by Logan Terkelsen. All tracks mixed by Craig Bowen.



all rights reserved


Curse Baltimore, Maryland

Curse ‡ Baltimore
Jane Vincent and
Logan Terkelsen



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Track Name: Dog Catcher
To Peter Pan in Neverland aa
To tiger lily and her free tribe
Keep it separate keep it safe don’t let those worlds collide
I stayed cautious
It never got me what I wanted
A steady job a fixed address would bring me no relief
Security hasn't saved me much
And who cares what my getting’s got
Who cares if you don't make the rent
Or if you lose your teeth?
I could learn to be brave
To cross the street without looking both ways
Or I could keep my world small
And never cross the street at all
I'm not the way I used to be
I have a lot of bills to pay
A lot of people count on me
I want them to think well of me
Being young means catching waves
Not growing roots, being brave
No tree can touch the sky
The queen bee rules but doesn’t fly
Is the adult world just standing on the shore?
Catching different waves no more
Or is it finding one where you can stay
That never lands, that never breaks
I am a little bird who has broken out of the cage
Safe in neverland from the dogcatcher of age
Threaten me with a calendar and I won’t even flinch
I will never grow a moustache or a fraction of an inch
Track Name: Low Tide
Jay is waiting on the dock
Watching waves as they break against the rocks
The ebb and flow that pulls time away
Live in memory and you’ll hate today

Stuck in history like a wedge in a crack
With no way out and no way back
Split the world and start one of your own
Stuck in time and you’re stuck alone

My lungs no longer fill with light
So I turn into memory
Against the current and so on
Borne back ceaselessly

If the rowing is so hard
The tide is moving the other way
Don’t despair if the tide is going to change
It happens twice a day

Everything is a clock
Each hour reflected and replayed
A clock erases its own history
It happens twice a day
Track Name: Sinking Ships
September will be here before we know it
But don’t pack the fins and inner tubes away
Keep swimming as the days are getting shorter
Pray for that freak hot October day
Anxiety will take you to the river
A chilly breeze could be around the corner
Count your blessings when the sun is shining
Aren’t you glad the earth is getting warmer
The time for swimming
Slips away from you
And no swim
Feels like the last one
Though for a while
Each one does
But someday
The last swim comes
Don’t get ahead of time and stay inside
Trick yourself to get yourself depressed
Go out to the water while you’re able
The winter will be long and we can rest
Think of the water when it’s dark at 4
I hope that it can give you some relief
May is closer than you can imagine
The memory of joy in present grief
Hold on because I’m scared that you will make me
Do something I don’t ever want to do
And say now your troubles are all over
may your troubles continue
Track Name: Eat Crow
She sews their shadows to their feet
And gladly, it’s nice to be needed
She wipes their noses when they run
and makes sure skinned knees are treated
She sews their shadows to their feet
Because clearly someone needs to do it
And that’s what she was brought here for
To tend this little band of misfits
Someone had to take this job of making supper and washing dishes
And joining in adventures too in the land of boyhood wishes
Time passes outside neverland but in this realm they dance and play
And fight wars that never leave these walls and never age a single day
If this world collapsed then who would know of this secret playground hideaway
We hide our secret refuge well and never age a single day
But Wendy will return to London and grow up outside neverland
And peter he will not go with her or he’ll be caught and made a man
But she’ll make an awesome mom
Nurturing fun loving too
With stories that her kids eat up
Of the adventures before she grew
But she’ll miss that daring fun
And she’ll miss her Peter Pan
You cease to be able to fly
The moment that you doubt you can
Peter stays in neverland
Visits sometimes, forgets usually
He’ll stay a child, safe on his shore
Where he can crow eternally
Could we hold on to fleeting things?
Wake to new adventures every morning
Or grow old and not let life grow old
Let slowing paces not be boring
Track Name: Broken Hands
I tell time
By my telephone
Not from a watch
I have to wind
There’s nothing left
For me to set
I never need
To change the time
No cuckoo bird
To mark my hours
I don’t own
A watch to repair
Once time came
Out of my hands
Now it comes
Out of the air
Time once came
From the hand of man
Now it comes
Out of the air
Will it feel
Like a loss
When the last
Clock has stopped
Track Name: Light Drinker
The aspen roots beneath the soil
The iceberg below the surface
When we rely on our idiot eyes
There’s so much that we miss
Find something eyes have never seen
Something that you can’t explain
Before it’s separate from our world
Before it has a name
My senses all deceive me
I don’t know what I don’t know
It’s beyond my range of vision
A dog looking at a rainbow
Like a man looking at a rainbow
Or a dog whistle to a man
Something you can’t quite conceive of
But you imagine that you can
Is there a dog that dreams in green?
Is the thought of a unicorn a real thought?
Imagine a pantone ultraviolet
Is the thought of a unicorn a real thought?
Like a dog looking at a rainbow
Or a dog whistle to a man
Something you can’t quite conceive of
But you imagine that you can
The moment it had a name
And occurred to us to think about