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by Curse

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Universe 25 04:10
Universe 25 Pretend the world is yours it was made for you it Evolved and grew as your forebearers evolved and grew The perfect habitat A place for you to shine As a vulture on the road or An deer in grassland thrives You think it's for you It isn't true our Kind blundered into form Accident on top of fluke It's not for you a blip in our planet's story It became and Briefly so did we We destroy our habitat but our world spins on We can fight nature but it won't miss us when we're gone
Cassini 04:07
Cassini (Burning Up In Space) Through unknown dark for 20 years The only one a witness here 20 years of frozen skies And sights unseen by earthly eyes I did it for you, the earthbound man Who cranes his neck, his feet in sand To show beyond what you can see As though your planet is out of mysteries It isn't fair to call me brave I served just as I was made I, lone observer of this place Cassini, burning up in space I've seen Dione's icy face And Titan's rivers of methane Saturn's rings with rocky grooves And sent my story back to you My watch is ending, my remains erased Cassini, burning up in space
The Last Whole Earth In catastrophe's face, we say Don't try, I won't change Live through all time or die by suicide Stubborn we close our eyes I was an american in my country's final days I was a human being worried for my species' fate Could we put pride aside and figure this out Only a fool fights in a burning house A student of history, what did I hope for For every year of peace there's been 400 years of war
Suspect Terrain Countless fables contemplate Where our world began A gift dispatched from holy hands The birth of earth and man Instead of sacred origins, my story Is earthbound Against genesis, geology Is vastly more profound No holy diver or divine spark but Colliding plates and lava floes Eroding mountains into sand Compressing sand to stone Writing history in layers In the structure of forever In a way, you don't exist In a way, you'll always live A stratum in a long and deep planetary timeline, To be a tiny piece unties the ropes of human time
Withered Rivers Glacial melt in Azure lakes Ancient ice Cracks and breaks How relieved the rocks must be No glaciers left to pull their teeth To tear their skin To form the land The age of rocks Is now at hand The age of ice Is almost done Once hidden bones Lie exposed The age of glaciers Will be no more You'll find the ocean At your door Drowned in floods Engulfed in flames It was too late for our Home to be saved In bare remains Of once green land The age of rocks Is now at hand I wish you'd seen my planet As it used to be Before blue lakes went brown Before the rising sea I want to tell you about my planet before my species went extinct Before the storms and fires and my town began to sink I wish you'd seen my planet As it used to be Before blue lakes went brown Before the rising sea I wish you has seen how idyllic Abundant and green It was on my home planet Before I had to leave I want to tell you about the end A stunning thing to see It happened just like anything Slowly first, then suddenly
Aricebo on Deaf Ears Buildings fall Roots take hold Familiar cities Soon unknown This human minute Just a strange mess In layers of rock Ages ahead years to alpha centauri at the speed of light to find we're alone in the expanse of night In a vast universe We were alone We left nothing but an odd layer in the stone Our planet spins on Our forests regrow The cosmos don't care We were here alone We were here alone And not for long We evolved, we built We destroyed and were gone Our structures decay What did we leave behind A layer in the rock For no one to find
Universal Veil I entered this world Empty But luminous threads fill me a recollection of The totality before sentience I was everything Universally shared Unrememberable bliss A boundless element Of the infinite Torn from the ecstasy Of the limitless Thrust into the pain Of conciousness I cannot muster fear For non existence Once before I survived it You see the void As abject, a threat But I have spent My life with it Our experiences live In dark corners Not unknowable Awaiting an explorer Consciousness is short but memory is long My body knows unheard of songs A fantasy Or truth repressed A tale left out of the narrative Express in screams What predates words Within me is the tale unheard Express in screams What predates words Inside me is the song unheard Being is short Memory is long My body knows unheard of songs


Metamorphism is the third studio album from the Baltimore duo Curse

12" records available at Fake Crab!

"The harmful impact of humankind’s influence on Earth is becoming ever more tragically apparent. As a species we have transformed the climate and landscape beyond recognition... The inspiration behind Metamorphism, the third full length release from synth-punk duo Curse, comes from how this legacy will be seen many years in the future: how will our impact on the planet be remembered and how will it be recorded geologically?” -By Adam Pegg for Astral Noize
"Baltimore's got a good goth streak going this year: first The Holy Circle, now Curse. For its third album, noise and doom metal-tinged tunes give way to neon synth-pop in ways that will please both Blade Runner and Siouxsie and the Banshees fans" -By Lars Gotrich for NPR's All Songs Considered-
"CURSE’s album Metamorphism is a cataclysm of different genres of music, from melodic synth to noise-infused grindcore. Reaching from such influences allow the duo of Jane Vincent and Logan Terkelsen to create a lush, grandiose album that is unlike much else." -By Andi Harriman for Post-Punk.com video premiere-
"It’s a heady mix of darkwave, industrial and doom, blending delicate melodies with harsh and abrasive beats" -By Meghan McRae for CVLT Nation -


released October 25, 2019

Curse is Logan Terkelsen & Jane Vincent
All songs written and recorded by Curse in Baltimore
Drums + vocals recorded @ Tempo House Studios by Craig Bowen
Album mixed @ Curse Headquarters by Logan Terkelsen
Album mastered @ Mobtown Studios by Mat Leffler-Schulman
Album artwork, Logo & Design by G. Ray Mak
12" LP limited to 300 copies available via FAKE CRAB RECORDS
Curse © 2019


all rights reserved



Curse Baltimore, Maryland

Curse ‡ Baltimore
Jane Vincent and
Logan Terkelsen

U.S. Tour Fall 2019
Instagram @cursebaltimore

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